miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

El tiempo / Weather

Me acabo de dar cuenta que el tiempo en Barna es relativamente mas frio que aqui en Xiamen, yo estaba convencido de que era igual, pero claro, cuando ayer estuve por la playa estudiando en manga corta me dio que pensar ....

I just realize that the weather in Barcelona is comparatively colder than here in Xiamen, i thought it's more or less the same, but indeed when i was yesterday studying on the beach just with a simple t-shirt quite comfortable ...

And now i try the chinese version, hahaha:

现在我知道巴塞罗纳的天气比厦门的冷一点儿.我觉得了都是一样的,可是昨天我在海边儿学习的时候在了没有大衣,所以我想一想... 不一样

hahaha, so bad, but hey, is the best i can do, i hope is not extremly bad, and of course i know is not exactly the same meaning, but quite difficult to express my real meaning with my actual vocabulary!!!

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